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All these worksheets are based on the Textbook: Business Studies (Fourth Edition) by Karen Borrington and Peter Stimpson. Teachers who are new to this subject, may use this comprehensive worksheet for their class activity. I have categorised them according to the textbook topics.

Chapter 1: Business Activity

Introduce the concept of needs, wants, scarcity and opportunity cost to students.

Chapter 2:Classification of Businesses

Identify the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary production.

Chapter 3: Enterprise, BusinessGrowth and Size

Discuss  the importance of enterprise to a new business and how this can lead to the expansion of business.

Chapter 4: Types of Business Organisation

Identify main forms of business organisation in the private and public sectors.

Chapter 5: Business objectives and Stakeholder Objectives

Identify the importance of business objectives and different stakeholder groups with an interest in a business.

Chapter 6: Motivating Workers

Identify factors that motivate workers in an organisation.

Chapter 7: Organisation and management

Discuss how the organisation chart helps the efficiency of the management.

Chapter 8: Recruitment, Selection and Training of Workers

Discuss the overall process of recruitment in a company.

Chapter 9:Internal and External Communication

Discuss the importance of effective communication to business.

Chapter 10:Marketing, Competition and The Customer

Identify ways that marketing strategies can help the business.

Chapter 11:Market Research

Discuss various method of market research can be implemented by the business.

Chapter 12:The Marketing Mix: Product

Discuss the role of product decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 13:The Marketing Mix: Price

Discuss the role of pricing decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 14:The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Technology In Marketing

Discuss the role of promotion decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 15:The Marketing Mix: Place

Discuss the role of place decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 16:Marketing Strategy

Identify some marketing strategies and how to develop an appropriate marketing strategy in given circumstances.

Chapter 17:Production of Goods and Services

Identify various production methods in a business.

Chapter 18:Cost, Scale of Production and Break Even

Discuss the importance of operating costs in a business.

Chapter 19:Achieving Quality Production

Discuss the importance of quality to a business.

Chapter 20:Location Decisions

Identify factors that affect the location of different businesses.

Chapter 21:Business Finance: Needs and Sources

Identify different source of finance.

Chapter 22:Cash Flow Forecasting and Working Capital

Discuss the importance of cash flow to a business operations.

Chapter 23:Income Statements

Learn how to interpret the Income Statements.

Chapter 24:Balance Sheets

Learn how to interpret the Balance Sheets.

Chapter 25:Analysis of Accounts

Learn how to interpret the Financial Statements

Chapter 26:GovernmentEconomic Objectives and Policies

Identify various economic objectives and policies implemented by the government.

Chapter 27: Environmental and Ethical Issues

Discuss how business activity can affect the environment.

Chapter 28: Business and The International Economy

Discuss how globalisation creates threats and opportunities for businesses.



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