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Study Tips: Advice From Top Student IGCSE Business Studies

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My very own effective study tips for BUSINESS STUDIES By:-Jamie Ng Study Tips Hi ! My name is Jamie. I am an ex-student of graduating class 2014 of Sri Kuala Lumpur Secondary School. I was awarded with the “Top IGCSE Business Studies in Malaysia 2014”. That’s something I am proud of. This is my fruit of labour.   Of course, nothing comes easy.   I self-studied my Business Studies. I did not attend any paid tuition for Business Studies.
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  • December 15, 2014
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Why You Should Join a Youth Orchestra


by Yeoh Li When I was 3 years old, my parents bought me a plastic violin and bow from an old toyshop. It was a cheap, unsophisticated toy that couldn’t make any music, but that violin was one of the best toys I’ve ever owned. I played with it so much that the year I turned 5, my parents decided to replace it with a real one. Upon starting lessons, I discovered that playing the violin was a whole
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IGCSE Experience

Personal Story by Jamie Liew ( She achieved A* for IGCSE Business Studies. Check this out for my teaching tips) When I first joined Sri KL in Year 7, I had little idea of what to expect. I had been in an international school before, but I was unsure of the challenges secondary-level IGCSE would bring. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that IGCSE was not all about exams. Instead, we had all kinds of projects in the
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