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Teaching Business Studies First Day

Teaching Business Studies

 Teaching Business Studies For The First Time I am using this lesson plan for my first day of lesson especially teaching Business Studies Year 10 students. Topic: Introduction to Year 10 Business Studies Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to: a) know class admin matters – teacher who is teaching Business Studies must explain to the students his/ her expectation during lessons (attentive, active class participation and etc). b) write down the breakdown
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Lesson Evaluation

Lesson evaluation

Lesson evaluation should be a balance between the quality of teaching, quality of learning and the implications for your next lesson. From my previous online learning from the CIE (Cambridge International Examination), here are the tips I would like to share with you: Quality of Your Teaching Consider the effectiveness of your: Planning; Teaching methods and classroom management; Use of teaching time, resources including ICT; Use of assessment to inform planning Subject Knowledge Identify the subject knowledge required for
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Business Studies GCSE websites

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Recently I have attended online training from the CIE (Cambridge International Examination). Here are some top business studies GCSE and IGCSE websites recommended by them. Most of  these sites are based in UK but you may find some useful resources amongst them. 1) Google news–  click on the business action and use the search engine on this website to track down the most recent news on a particular business. 2) The Daily Telegraph. Access to the finance section from The
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Super, Excellent or Good Teacher

School teacher

Which Flavour Of Teacher Do You Decide To Become? If you are a new teacher, I would like to encourage you to seriously think some of the questions below. But, how about more than 20 years experienced teacher? Yes, this also a good moment to rekindle your passion as a teacher: 1. How much time will you be willing to commit for teaching? Some will only be teaching in school from 8am to 4pm. After that will be family
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Business Quiz

Quiz, Student assessment

The Business Quiz: A Quick Assessment Tool Assessment is important for students and teacher. This is when teacher need to evaluate the amount of learning taking place in class. For student, he or she needs to know whether they have understood the the specific lesson. A quiz is a quick way of gathering information on how well your students are meeting their learning objectives. A well designed quiz will help motivate your students. I found this useful from the
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