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Welcome to Business Studies Online Lesson Notes.

All these lesson notes are based on the Textbook Business Studies (Fourth Edition) by Karen Borrington and Peter Stimpson. Teachers who are new to this subject, may use this comprehensive lessons notes for your class activity. I have categorised them according to the textbook topics.

Chapter 1: Business Activity

Introduce the concept of needs, wants, scarcity and opportunity cost to students.

Chapter 2: Classification of Businesses

Identify the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary production.

Chapter 3: Enterprise, Business Growth and Size

Discuss  the importance of enterprise to a new business and how this can lead to the expansion of business.

Chapter 4: Types of Business Organisation

Identify main forms of business organisation in the private and public sectors.

Chapter 5: Business objectives and Stakeholder Objectives

Identify the importance of business objectives and different stakeholder groups with an interest in a business.

Chapter 6: Motivating Workers

Identify factors that motivate workers in an organisation.

Chapter 7: Organisation and management

Discuss how the organisation chart helps the efficiency of the management.

Chapter 8: Recruitment, Selection and Training of Workers

Discuss the overall process of recruitment in a company.

Chapter 9:Internal and External Communication

Discuss the importance of effective communication to business.

Chapter 10:Marketing, Competition and The Customer

Identify ways that marketing strategies can help the business.

Chapter 11:Market Research

Discuss various method of market research can be implemented by the business.

Chapter 12:The Marketing Mix: Product

Discuss the role of product decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 13:The Marketing Mix: Price

Discuss the role of pricing decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 14:The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Technology In Marketing

Discuss the role of promotion decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 15:The Marketing Mix: Place

Discuss the role of place decisions in the marketing mix.

Chapter 16:Marketing Strategy

Identify some marketing strategies and how to develop an appropriate marketing strategy in given circumstances.

Chapter 17:Production of Goods and Services

Identify various production methods in a business.

Chapter 18:Cost, Scale of Production and Break Even

Discuss the importance of operating costs in a business.

Chapter 19:Achieving Quality Production

Discuss the importance of quality to a business.

Chapter 20:Location Decisions

Identify factors that affect the location of different businesses.

Chapter 21:Business Finance: Needs and Sources

Identify different source of finance.

Finance Department Notes

Sources of Finance Notes

Types of Short and Long-term Finance

How Business Makes The Choice of Finance?

5 Things To Prepare Before See Your Banker To Ask For Money!

Chapter 22:Cash Flow Forecasting and Working Capital

Discuss the importance of cash flow to a business operations.

5 Stages of Cash Flow Cycle

How To Overcome Cash Flow Problem?

Chapter 23:Income Statements

Learn how to interpret the Income Statements.

Chapter 24:Balance Sheets

Learn how to interpret the Balance Sheets.

Chapter 25:Analysis of Accounts

Learn how to interpret the Financial Statements

Chapter 26:GovernmentEconomic Objectives and Policies

Identify various economic objectives and policies implemented by the government.

Chapter 27: Environmental and Ethical Issues

Discuss how business activity can affect the environment.

Chapter 28: Business and The International Economy

Discuss how globalisation creates threats and opportunities for businesses.


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