IGCSE Business Studies Teacher

HI! I am Samantha Yau, a full time teacher specialised in IGCSE Business Studies and Accounting.

Before this, I was a full time banker and after work I will give tutorial lessons to a group of high school students. I taught them various subjects such as English, Accounting and Business Studies. Eventually, I started to realise that I am more passionate in my part time work then my day time job.

Then, I took a leap of faith, quitting my banker’s job and apply teaching position in international school teaching Business Studies and Accounting. With some training from the school, I am able to learn new things such as preparing lessons plans, class control management and ways to enhance my teaching/ presentation skills which are totally different from banking industry. From there, I am able to find joy in helping my students and become more passionate to be a teacher, sharing knowledge to others too.

After many years of experiences in teaching IGCSE, I started to realise I need to have a good system – documenting all my teaching resources. Besides that I want to share all these experiences with other teachers too who has the same passion like me. When I start everything on scratch, it is not easy for first timer teacher without any experiences who teach this subject to come out with his/ her own materials. I have to try and error many methods of teaching in class. Therefore, some of my resources can freely download and edit. Moreover, students may also use my resources for their revision especially the worksheets and notes.

If you are interested to have my resources IGCSE Business Studies, you may view it under my Free Worksheets. I would like to share my lesson plans, worksheets which can be useful for teachers who are new in teaching IGCSE Business Studies. I understand what a struggle it has been for me and for those who are in their first year of teaching this subject. I have gone through the same moment like you too!

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